It's all about having the information to make the right choice

This is how it works

  • As a non-signed-in user, only the first name, town and state of the member will be returned to you
  • To become a user, sign up - it's free
  • You will receive an email with a confirmation link - click it
  • Sign in and complete your profile - there are many questions to fill in and a photo to upload
  • Once activated, you can sign in and do power searches, seeing a member's full profile
  • If interested, use the form to send the member email - you won't have the member's email address
  • Your email address will be automatically included with the email you send to the member
  • The communication between the two of you is something you will then have to work out
  • If you got married at any stage after entering your details, untick the not married tickbox in your profile - you will then not show in searches
  • You can always later again tick this tickbox
  • Good luck

Rules and Information

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Males will be matched with females
  • You must be unmarried
  • Don't pester people - keep your dignity and desist if it seems your attention is not appreciated
  • It is impossible to tell you members won't ever lie to you - you are on your own, use your brain
  • It is also impossible to guarantee the profiles the members filled in are factual - if not, see the next point
  • The administrator can always block a person - it's easy to avoid this - don't lie, don't pester, behave yourself impeccably - as Alex said to Dim, comport yourself publicwise
  • The photo you upload must be in good taste and of good quality - not even partial nudity - clearly show your face and a bit of your body
  • This photo must be no bigger than 512KB and be a JPG (JPEG) file - the biggest of the main images is 187KB, and they are all 1,000px wide
  • Random photos will be shown on the home page sized to 225px wide, which means your photo should be at least 225px wide - only a first name and state will be displayed
  • When contacted, we will never, ever give anyone any details about a member, except if legally required

Behind the scenes

  • There is an auditing system going, writing all inputs to the database - person responsible, time and date, IP address
  • When an update is done, both the old and new values are recorded
  • No one will look at these entries, unless it is needed - they are soul destroyingly boring and they quickly become huge in volume
  • The full text of emails sent from this site to members is written to this system
  • If legally required, relevant entries from this system will be provided to authorities

How to use this site - important

Once signed in, after signing up, getting an email and confirming your email address, you will be taken to your Member Console. The first thing you have to do is create a profile. You do this only once.

Once you have created a profile, the prompt in the menu at the top to create a profile will disappear. It will be replaced with a drop-down menu item prompting you to create short, secondary profiles each dealing with only one topic. These topics are:

  • Your views and tastes - drop-down choices
  • Your education details
  • Your dependents, including pets
  • You photo - jpg (jpeg) at least 225px wide and less than 512KB in size
  • Your legal history - all questions must be answered, even if negatively
  • Your address - nobody but you and the site administrator will see your street address

With each of these, you can fill in comments or notes of unlimited length.

As these are completed, they disappear from the drop-down menu.

You can at any time update any of these, but not have more than one of each. The code checks for this.

You do all this filling in from your console page. When logged in, there is always a link to your console in the menu at the top.

It may sound like a lot of work, but all this can be done well within ten minutes.

When all this is done, you are ready to rock - you will show on searches and be able to do searches yourself and contact the members on the site using the email form - the only way to contact them.

Read the next column to see how to do searches and contact promising looking candidates.

To search, click the search menu item on your console. It will only appear if you have completely filled in your profile and secondary profiles. You will be taken to the search page. You will be offered several selection criteria. Make your choice and search. A list of results will be returned. This list may be empty if no suitable candidates are found.

On the list page, you will find minimal details. The most efficient way to look at individual candidates and easily come back to this list of search results is to right click on the link of a promising looking candidate and select the Open link in a new tab option. That is for Chrome. Firefox has Open Link in New Tab. Other browsers will have something similar. You will now have the list open in a tab on the left side and the profiles of the promising looking candidates, each in their own tab, on the right.

At the bottom of any profile, you will find links to each of the six secondary profiles. The most efficient way to get all details for the person is to right click on each of these six links as described above. You will then have many tabs open. Easily going from one to the other in the last seven, you will be able to get a fact based impression of the person concerned. You can do this for all people that look interesting.

When you decide to contact a person, click on the Send email link at the bottom of the profile page of that person. You will be taken to the email form page. You won't see the person's email address. You won't even find it in the code of the page. The same goes for your email address when other people decide to contact you. Your email address will be in the reply to field of the email you send. Your message can be as long as you want it to be. The last paragraph, automatically generated, will contain a link to your profile. The recipient clicks on this link, is taken to the log in page, logs in and is taken straight to your profile. Then, the ball is in the court of the recipient of your email. Good luck!